Physical Education is learning to move and learning through movement.

A daily program of structured physical education experiences for all students is an important and integral part of the educational curriculum. Physical Education contributes to physical fitness through promotion and encouragement of active lifestyles.

Physical development in children is not simply a process of maturation; it relies heavily on the quality and quantity of their movement experiences. If children are to learn to move efficiently with confidence and joy, they need ample opportunity to practice, along with positive reinforcement, consistency, and quality instruction.

About the Program

In addition to daily recess and other classroom activities, Hagerstown Elementary students get the opportunity to move their bodies during gym class once a week.

The goals of the HES Physical Education curriculum are for students to:

  • Develop and maintain physical fitness.
  • Develop and practice skills for sport and recreation.
  • Use movement for self-expression, enjoyment, challenge, and social interaction.
  • Continue lifelong physical activity.
  • Understand and practice healthy eating habits.