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  • 90

    Number of minutes in a Reading instructional block.

  • 24

    Number of teams involved in Winter sports

  • 2013

    The year both school buildings were renovated

  • 9

    Number of community members serving on the Community Connections Task Force

  • 18

    Number of teams involved in Fall sports


"Teacher and faculty mentors second to none, and I continue to be mentored professionally by HHS graduates."
- Kory George

New Family

"My husband and I are in agreement that our son will thrive at Hagerstown High School. We are drawn to this community since meeting so many hometown people and learning more about the school system."
- Laura Lannan


"Everyone has respect for one another, and the teachers go above and beyond to be sure every student feels important."
- Haley Baker


"The students and staff members in our building truly represent what it means to be a TEAM!"
- Erin Morgan


"It is amazing to work in a school system where people truly care about the students."
- Amy Oliger


"We know the importance of family and life skills taught in FACS. Students will have lives outside of their careers."
- Karla Hobson


"We are proud that NCSC is an "A" rated Indiana School Corporation."
- William Doering, Ph.D.

Champion of Education

"Rick Retherford"
- 2014 Bus Driver of the Year


"My Hagerstown education prepared me for life."
- Chad Early


"Hagerstown Jr./Sr. High School is amazing! We have a great staff who makes you feel at home."
- Seth Richards