Music education is an important aspect of student growth and improves the learning environment. 

At Hagerstown Elementary, kindergarten through sixth grade students receive a well-balanced music curriculum to promote a lifelong appreciation and enjoyment of music.

About the program

Hagerstown Elementary students receive instruction in music once a week.

Students in the lower grades play rhythm instruments and sticks to enhance the feeling of music. Fourth grade students learn to play recorders, and beginning guitar lessons are taught to the fifth graders. Sixth grade students can choose to focus on one instrument by joining the band. Another sixth grade music experience is learning to play handbells. All students are active music participants in learning recognition of notes, rhythm, and beginning music composition.

Holiday and spring programs give all students a chance to sing, dance, and perform in front of an audience.

Select Choir, Circle the State with Song, and the all-school musical offer students additional opportunities to discover their inner musician.