Director of Learning and Curriculum

Nettle Creek School Corporation builds our curriculum around the Indiana Academic Standards. Our teachers update resources, such as pacing calendars and curriculum maps, to reflect the current state standards as well as employ instructional practices that engage all students.


Our preschool through second grade teachers are self-contained and teach all subject areas throughout the school day. Teachers in third through sixth grade are departmentalized, and teachers focus instruction on one specific subject area to a group of students.

Jr.-Sr. High School

The schedule at the junior-senior high school is structured into blocks. Under the block schedule, middle and high school students attend four classes every day for approximately 90 minutes per period. Classes are structured into “Purple” and “Gold” days with students attending specific classes on those days.

Standards and Curriculum Maps

Teachers in all grade levels and subject areas/departments develop curriculum maps and pacing calendars that focus on structuring content around high-priority Indiana academic standards. Below are the standards that curriculum maps and pacing calendars are designed to meet, as well as the curriculum maps.

Literacy Remediation Program

Title I Reading Intervention: Title I is a federal aid program through which Nettle Creek School Corporation receives funding to provide supplemental instruction for those students who qualify. The Title I Program is conducted during the regular school year and is dedicated to serving students in the elementary grades who need support with literacy instruction. Focused assessments throughout the school year provide an ongoing record of student progress, which enables our teachers to tailor instruction to meet the specific needs of each child.


Elizabeth Bryant

Director of Learning