Many students’ high school experiences wouldn’t be complete without participating in clubs and extracurriculars. Hagerstown is proud to offer a number of opportunities for students who are looking for ways to engage outside of the classroom. Below, you can find more information about some of our most active clubs and organizations.

Hagerstown’s academic teams compete against other local and regional schools in competitions meant to challenge students’ mastery of academic subjects.

This career and technical student organization focuses on business and information technology careers, helping students develop leadership, career, and social skills that will set them up for success post-graduation. Hagerstown’s BPA chapter has a long history as one of the original charter organizations in Indiana. To learn more, email the chapter adviser, Beth Overfield.

FCCLA is a nonprofit national career and technical student organization interested in family and consumer sciences education. To learn more, email the chapter adviser, Karla Hobson.

FFA is a dynamic national youth organization that changes lives and prepares members for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education. Hagerstown’s FFA chapter partners with our animal sciences classes to raise feeder steers as a part of the Nettle Creek Beef Project. To learn more, email the chapter adviser, Dr. Christy Herr.

The Eastern Indiana Model Legislature offers students at Centerville, Hagerstown, Northeastern, Union County, and Winchester schools the opportunity to learn the legislative process by actually participating in it at the state level. Hagerstown students have excelled in the program since its inception, holding major offices, garnering many awards, and passing more quality legislation than any other school in the program. In its 40+ year history, Hagerstown students have been elected to one of the top four legislative positions 40+ times!

NHS is a national merit organization that recognizes scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Students are selected for membership by a panel of teachers and administrators based on their applications. Members participate in community service hours throughout the year. To learn more, email the chapter advisers, Sarah Masters and Mindy Nolan.

Each class at HJSHS elects students to represent them as a part of our Student Government Association. Students who are elected to SGA are active in fundraising and planning for class and school activities. To learn more, email the advisers, Jason Schmittler and Brad Catey.