The Hagerstown Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Chapter is getting ready to go to state FCCLA Conference March 6-8, and one of the projects to be presented  is SMILE. SMILE stands for Sharing Moments In the Lives of the Elderly.  During one of our after school FCCLA meetings, members handmade Valentine’s cards to give to the residents at Raintree Retirement Community. With scheduling many times and having to cancel due to weather, members finally had the opportunity to visit Raintree in New Castle on Valentine’s Day during the lovely snow. When arriving at Raintree, members were greeted by Steve. Members entered into the eating court and sat at table with the elderly. Steve had members stand up and introduce themselves. FCCLAers played several rounds of BINGO with the residents; the sweet thing was seeing the elderly sharing their prizes with the FCCLA members. It was a great opportunity to spend time with the elderly and see them smile and have a great time.  If you ever get bored and need something to do, go to a nursing home and brighten someone’s day.