“It’s on the strength of observation and reflection that one finds a way. So we must dig and delve unceasingly.”- Claude Monet

Mission Statement:

Art is self-expression and is essential to learning. Art teaches skills vital to our culture. It expands our ability to succeed in a culturally diverse, visually- orientated world. We, as a group of art educators, parents, district personnel and community members, are dedicated to supporting Art Education at Hagerstown Elementary.

Our Goals:

Our goal is to continue to develop a curriculum rich in art history and art criticism.  Also, we strive to include the academic core subjects into the arts daily. We believe that learning in the arts enables every individual to develop the critical thinking, collaborative, and creative skills necessary to succeed in the ever-changing and diverse world.  HES allows students to create art in their own style in a rewarding and comprehensive program.

We Believe:

It is important to provide all elementary students with increased opportunities for art. Art is a safe haven, a creative space to enhance self-esteem. Participation in the arts enhances cognitive development, problem solving, and the spatial and non-verbal skills of children. Our program provides support for students with artistic talents, as well as avenues for success for all students with different abilities.

Instructional Framework:

In Kindergarten through 6th grade, students expand their knowledge of art vocabulary, elements, media and history. In the art classroom, studies revolve around the four disciplines of art criticism, aesthetics, art history and art production.

One of the Highlights in Art at HES:

In the spring, K-6th will have an Art Show.  Each student will have at least one piece of art work they created during the school year in the show.  The Art Show will be open for one week with an Open House one evening during that week.  Students, parents, family, friends and the community can enjoy viewing the K- 6th grade Art Show, which will be located in the LGI room.