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This Is Just Plain Good Teaching!

Do you remember when you learned how to read a timeline? The students in Second Grade at Hagerstown Elementary School are learning about timelines as required by Indiana Social Studies Academic Standard 2.1.5. What makes this lesson golden is that the teachers have chosen a learning activity that is motivational for students and is presented in a way that students are likely to always remember the concept.

Learning starts with motivated students! We send a tip of the Tiger’s tail to Ms. Ward and Ms. McFarland for choosing an innovative strategy that motivated their students to learn about timelines. Each student created a storyboard that illustrates the timeline of his/her life.

While the completed timelines make a great display in the hallway for all of us to enjoy, rest assured that learning activities at Nettle Creek School Corporation begin with sound, professional decision-making by K-12 teachers based on the Indiana Academic Standards and are designed to support student academic achievement.