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There Is Learning Around Every Corner!

It’s fun to visit both schools and catch glimpses of what is going on inside classrooms. When the teacher is talking about compound interest, it’s pretty easy to know what’s going on. Other indicators are a little less certain.

While hiking through HES, we came across this door with student work posted. Topics ranged from what we’re guessing is the teacher’s contribution that refers to dreaming big, being respectful, and always doing your best, etc. to student additions that mention the Boston Massacre, Wanted: slave owners for owning people, Wanted: Pilgrims for escaping England, and the heart-warming sentiment: The present doesn’t matter! It’s the person who gave it!

The coolest thing about being the superintendent and leaving building-level administration behind is that my Evaluation Hat is replaced with my Curiosity Hat on these school trips. Regardless of what we see, we know we have great teachers, and what they choose for students to do is undoubtedly in students’ best interests, and that we have wonderful principals who are minding the farm.