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Long-Time Hagerstown Jr./Sr. High School Principal Retires

Mark Childs, principal of Hagerstown Jr./Sr. High School, is retiring after many years at the post. Mr. Childs came to Nettle Creek School Corporation in 1984 from Muncie Northside High School where he taught Business Education.  Mr. Childs lived on a farm as a young child and moved to the small town of Fairmount graduating from the rural high school there.  This start in life shaped Mark into a perfect fit for his career at Nettle Creek.  Mr. Childs began here as the Assistant Jr./Sr. high school principal and Head Football Coach and took over the helm as principal in 1990.

Mr. Childs earned his teaching degree from Manchester College and earned his Masters Degree at Ball State University. He is also a graduate of the Indiana Principal Leadership Academy which is a program supported by the Indiana Department of Education designed to provide continuing education for building-level educational leaders.  Additionally, Mr. Childs has served on a North Central Accreditation visitation team, and he continued to support teachers in a similar way by providing leadership through the development of the school corporation’s current teacher evaluation system.

William Doering, Superintendent of Nettle Creek School Corporation, shared that as principal, “Mr. Childs has built a unified staff that focuses on the development of students. Mark was never too busy to lend an ear when students, teachers or parents needed an opportunity to talk.  His reminder that it is up to us to make it a super day speaks to a person’s own ability to map their course toward success.  Mr. Child’s philosophy is one of the foundational concepts that started Nettle Creek on our pursuit of learning about the power found in Growth Mindset which is a Kindergarten through twelfth-grade character development initiative continuing at NCSC.”

John Dawson, Hagerstown Jr./Sr. High School Assistant Principal describes Mr. Childs, “In August of 1998, I was fortunate to have Mr. Childs hire me as a business teacher for my alma mater. During my years as an educator under his supervision, he has always supported me through increasing my knowledge to help support our students; encouraging me to go for leadership roles in our school, at the state and national levels; and being a great mentor for my educational leadership career and personal matters.  He has done all of these things not just for me but for the other faculty/staff at our school. I have been very fortunate to serve with Mr. Childs in the front office and learn my new position as assistant principal under his guidance, I could not have had a better mentor.  He is an awesome leader that is someone who is always wanting the best for students and encouraging his students and staff to do their best. I wish him a happy retirement.”

Cary Rhoades, President of the Nettle Creek Board of School Trustees, said of Mr. Childs, “Few people in our world take it upon themselves to make such a positive and lasting difference like Mark Childs. Our school system and communities will be forever blessed because he chose each day to be a positive force in each life he touched.  He accomplished this through his smile, positive attitude, leadership, commitment to education and never ending desire to inspire each of us to be the best person we can be.”

Providing for the needs of students has been a family effort over the years. Ms. Childs earns the school corporation’s gratitude for her many years of involvement at Hagerstown Jr./Sr. High School and her support of her husband and all of the staff and students at the school.  Not only has she attended many after-school activities, Ms. Childs served as a volunteer in the Student Support Services Department as well.