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It’s NWEA Time!

Best of luck to everyone involved in the midyear administration of NWEA tests! The student
learning information that the tests provide will help classroom teachers and intervention teachers sharpen their instructional delivery so that all of the preparation lesson planning requires is targeted to where the students need the help. State accountability requires teachers to assure student learning.

Gone are the days when teaching was a matter of only
presenting the information. Now, teachers need to know where
students are in their skills development so that teachers can
design lessons guided by State Standards and assessment results
to help assure that every student grows in proficiency at their own rate! It’s a big job, and student results are indicating that our teaching staff is Grrrrreat at what they do! Keep up the good work. This month’s NWEA results will help you see where students are here in the fourth
inning and plan accordingly!