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Information On Friday’s Lockdown

If you have a child who attends either school at NCSC, you are undoubtedly aware that we had a lockdown late on Friday afternoon. We apologize to the parents who received the information from their children before the One Call finished the task of notifying you.

This event was the result of a Jr./Sr. high school parent who called in to share that her child reported to her that he heard that another student brought a weapon to school. When schools receive this sort of information, even if it is based on hearsay, we take measures to secure our buildings.

It is a fine line between sharing information about our safety protocols so that parents have confidence in our procedures and describing those procedures in too much detail that would enable a person to plan around the safety measures we have in place. We would like to commend Chief Folkner and his staff for their immediate response and their determination that the situation was, in fact, safe and that we could proceed with dismissal as usual. After situations similar to this one, the principals do fact finding to determine if the appropriate response for the students involved is educational or disciplinary or both.