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Cruiser Athlete of the Week

On Saturday Ben was medalist with a 74 in the Wayne County Tournament at Hartley Hills leading the Hagerstown Tigers to the title.  Now consider this the rough was very thick several kids lost balls in the rough, so it put a premium on hitting fairways. The next best score was 81 and we are talking about a strong group of #1 golfers in Wayne County this year.  It was an impressive performance to say the least which included am eagle on #10.

Ben ‘ s score of 74 was his lowest score in competition.  He also led the Tigers to victory with a 37 in a duel match at Winchester last Tuesday night and then again on Friday he led the Tigers to a win over Lincoln with a 41.

Ben has been great all year on and off the course.  He is respected by his peers, teammates,  teachers and coaches, plus he makes straight A’s.