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Course Enrollment- OneCall

Hello parents and guardians,

Please stay on the line for some important information regarding your child’s future.

On Friday January 26 Mrs. Oliger distributed to every student there course enrollment application for the 2018-2019 school year. I cannot stress enough how important it is for the parent/guardian to be involved in these important decisions.  Select a time during the next two weeks when you the parent/guardian set down next to a computer with your student and with intention select the best courses for your child to take.

If you miss any of the following information please check our website, choose the Jr. Sr. High tab for directions.

To guide you through this process we recommend you go to our website


Choose the “Jr. Sr. High” tab

Hover your mouse over the “Guidance” tab. A drop down box will appear, choose “Class Schedules”

Scroll down under the photo, you will see “Course Guide 2017-18” in bold face font, click it.

The course guide will give you descriptions about each course along with showing what your child will need for their diploma path (Core40, Core40 Academic Honors, and Core40 Technical Honors) Also consider asking your child about the Elective Class presentations they saw during Tiger Time.