Proud to be a TIGER!

Where most every child is known by most every teacher!

Wow! That is the dream of many parents, to have their child known by their teachers for whom they are and what they can become. If this is what you want for your child you have found the right school!

There are advantages and disadvantages of the seven thru twelve configurations. We have chosen to accentuate the positives. Many our teachers will have the same student twice in the classroom and again in an extra-curricular. By having our students in the same building for six years we know our students areas of strength and areas where improvement is needed. Our elective teachers communicate with our core teachers not only about our seven through twelve curricula but also individual students to determine how best to help them grow.

Student growth takes many forms. Our academic and extra-curricular offerings are comprehensive. We offer 13 dual credit (college credit) courses taught by our faculty. Additionally, our students take specific college course work on-line and on college campus during the school day. Participation in Model Legislature and Academic Competitions provide opportunities for our students to test their skills and knowledge. Music, Art, FFA, FCLA, Business Professional of America, organizations consistently compete at county, state and often national levels. We provide our students with before, after, and in school opportunities for extra-help. We offer all IHSAA sports with the exception of soccer. Our facilities allow us to host more major athletic events than any other county school in the area. Our student and teacher access to technology is excellent. We have nine computer labs throughout the building. Our community is committed to its schools. Two members of our teaching staff have been selected, in different years, as among the Top Ten Teachers in Indiana as determined by the Indiana Department of Education Teacher of the Year Committee. Our student body is focused, determined, respectful, and courteous to one another and to adults. If you are looking for the best educational fit for your son or daughter please come and visit. After your visit I believe you will say, “It is great to be a Hagerstown Tiger.”

-Mark Childs