Project Child 345

Hagerstown Elementary School recognizes that every child is unique.  Our school is proud to offer our students and their families a variety of learning environments to meet the needs of diverse learners.  In addition to our outstanding traditional classrooms and high ability programs, we offer an alternative classroom structure called Project Child.

Project CHILD™ (Changing How Instruction for Learning is Delivered) is a research-based teaching and learning framework for elementary classrooms. Recognized as effective by the US Department of Education (NDN Validation Study F J King, Constance Bergquist, Cornelia Orr – 1992), CHILD is a three-dimensional model that differs from the  traditional model designed around a single teacher in a single grade.

The CHILD triangulated design changes the traditional classroom in several dynamic ways:

  • Three teachers form cluster teams — one reading, one  writing, and one mathematics specialist.
  • Cluster teams work across three grade levels organized as primary and intermediate clusters.
  • Three teachers work with the same students for three years (looping).

HES currently has two Project Child clusters: Primary (K12) and Intermediate (345).  Learn more about Project Child by clicking here.

Meet your Teacher

  • Erin Doerstler

  • Debbie Hollenberg

  • Amber Lear