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Thank You Ms. Isaacs!

We received the following message from Mr. Gray who sent a tip of the Tiger’s tail to Ms. Isaacs for her work there. “Just want to share some good news. In addition to the great work she has done rehabbing our libraries, Ms. Isaacs has been teaching mini-lessons on select Friday’s in our English classes. These lessons center on library use, internet use, research, and other cogent topics. Wow, is she good! Not only are the lessons exceptionally well-planned, well-executed, and contain great information for our students, but I have also learned a number of things and have been able to observe a model of first-rate pedagogy. We are fortunate to have Ms. Isaacs in her current position.”

Thank you, Ms. Isaacs for your good work, and Mr. Gray, you deserve a tip of the Tiger’s tail, too, for the value you place on a job well done and sharing the news with the rest of us. Thanks to you both!