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  • Events on 11/25

    Thanksgiving Break

    8:00 am
    Events on 11/26

    Thanksgiving Break

    8:00 am
    Events on 11/27

    Thanksgiving Break

    8:00 am
    Events on 12/18

    End of 2nd Nine Weeks

    8:00 am
    Events on 12/21

    Holiday Vacation

    8:00 am
    Events on 12/22

    Holiday Vacation

    8:00 am
    Events on 12/23

    Holiday Vacation

    8:00 am


  • 25

    Number of community members who receive the regular Parent & Community newsletter

  • 4

    Number of classroom assistants at HHS

  • 1,061

    The current student enrollment at Nettle Creek School Corporation.

  • 7

    Number of fall sports offered at NCSC

  • 46

    Number of certified personnel who are at or above adult attendance goal


"Students need a good education. Hagerstown provides a great starting point."
- Jana Murray

Retired Employee

"Working at NCSC was a great job. I never considered leaving this great school corporation."
- Garry Cornett


"Teaching at HES is a great experience. We have an awesome staff and a very supportive community."
- Chad Romack


"HHS et mes amis resteront toujours dans mon coeur. Vous faites tous partie de ma famille. Je suis tellememt content et fier de vous avoir rendu visite en esperant revenir bientot."
- Pierrick Benoist

New Family

"My husband and I were impressed by the mannerly, respectful attitude in the students and truly believe our son can thrive in that environment."
- Laura Lannan

Champion of Education

"Rick Retherford"
- 2014 Bus Driver of the Year

6th Grader

"Hagerstown Elementary is a very good school. It provides plenty of help."
- Traci Weber


"Thank you for going beyond accommodation into encouragement for our daughter and her service dog, Charlotte."
- Jeff & Aimee Shafer


"Hagerstown Jr./Sr. High School is amazing! We have a great staff who makes you feel at home."
- Seth Richards


"My Hagerstown education prepared me for life."
- Chad Early