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  • Simple Calendar

    • 4 ">4/26

      School Board Meeting

      6:30 pm

    • 5 ">5/05

      Condensed Day

      7:30 am

    • 5 ">5/05

      Students arrive

      8:30 am

    • 5 ">5/10

      Cancelled Board Meeting

      6:30 pm

    • 5 ">5/19

      Condensed Day

      7:30 am

    • 5 ">5/19

      Students arrive

      8:30 am

    • 5 ">5/24

      Board Meeting

      6:30 pm

    • 6 ">6/04

      2017 Graduation

      2:00 pm

    • 6 ">6/14

      School Board Meeting

      6:30 pm

    • 6 ">6/28

      Board Meeting

      6:30 pm


  • 52

    Number of teams offered in all sports each year at NCSC

  • 13

    Number of Environmental Services employees

  • 7

    Number of fall sports offered at NCSC

  • 12

    The number of teachers, parents and community volunteers serving on the district Bullying Task Force.

  • 30

    Number of teachers at Hagerstown Jr./Sr. High School

Support Staff

"Everyone is positive here, and there is a positive energy."
- Ms. Cardenas


"The students and staff members in our building truly represent what it means to be a TEAM!"
- Erin Morgan


"Teaching at HES is a great experience. We have an awesome staff and a very supportive community."
- Chad Romack

Champion of Education

"It was a pleasure to observe the high levels of engagement and student accountability in all of the classrooms."
- Winky Jenkins-Rice

New Family

"My husband and I are in agreement that our son will thrive at Hagerstown High School. We are drawn to this community since meeting so many hometown people and learning more about the school system."
- Laura Lannan

Champion of Education

"Rick Retherford"
- 2014 Bus Driver of the Year

6th Grader

"Hagerstown Elementary is a very good school. It provides plenty of help."
- Traci Weber


"Hagerstown Jr./Sr. High School is amazing! We have a great staff who makes you feel at home."
- Seth Richards

Retired Employee

"The high school takes pride in promoting positive learning opportunities for all students in a safe and caring environment."
- Carol Rhodus


"Mark Childs' common sense and leadership resonated with me as someone I could trust with my son's education."
- Georgia Templin