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  • Tiger Pride!

    Sunday, Feb. 7, 2016

    Students are learning at both of our schools to be upstanding and educated individuals with an understanding and appreciation of what community means.

  • Time Is Very Important In Learning!

    Sunday, Feb. 7, 2016

    At Nettle Creek, teachers and administrators are working together to look for additional ways to provide our teachers with the time it takes to look at student learning information and to develop the strategies that will assure success for all students.

  • Nice Job Young Man!

    Sunday, Feb. 7, 2016

    We send a tip of the Tiger’s tail to Ms. Limburg’s third-grade student, Bryce Worden, who is taking a lesson he learned in class to the next level.

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  • Simple Calendar

    • 2 ">2/15

      Snow Make-up Day

      12:00 am

    • 2 ">2/15

      President's Day - no school

      8:00 am

    • 2 ">2/24

      School Board Meeting

      7:30 pm

    • 3 ">3/04

      End of 3rd Nine Weeks

      8:00 am

    • 3 ">3/09

      School Board Meeting

      7:30 pm

    • 3 ">3/21

      Snow Make-up Day

      12:00 am

    • 3 ">3/21

      Spring Break

      8:00 am

    • 3 ">3/22

      Snow Make-up Day

      12:00 am

    • 3 ">3/22

      Spring Break

      8:00 am

    • 3 ">3/23

      Snow Make-up Day

      12:00 am


  • 37

    Number of elementary teachers at Hagerstown Elementary School

  • 9

    Number of community members serving on the Community Connections Task Force

  • 13

    Number of cafeteria employees at HHS

  • 46

    Number of certified personnel who are at or above adult attendance goal

  • 10

    Number of school corporation administrators


"My Hagerstown education prepared me for life."
- Chad Early


"If you like sports, you'll like Hagerstown!"
- Kevin Beeson


"Working in a school that is the heart of the community is a joy. Working together is the best way to insure student success."
- Jennifer Roberts


"Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships are at the heart of Nettle Creek School Corporation."
- Tim Arnold

6th Grader

"Hagerstown Elementary is a very good school. It provides plenty of help."
- Traci Weber


"We love to hear former NCSC athletes talk about how athletics shaped them and made them a better person."
- Rhonda Bartlett

Champion of Education

"It was a pleasure to observe the high levels of engagement and student accountability in all of the classrooms."
- Winky Jenkins-Rice


"Thank you for going beyond accommodation into encouragement for our daughter and her service dog, Charlotte."
- Jeff & Aimee Shafer


"It is amazing to work in a school system where people truly care about the students."
- Amy Oliger

New Family

"My husband and I were impressed by the mannerly, respectful attitude in the students and truly believe our son can thrive in that environment."
- Laura Lannan