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  • Simple Calendar

    • 11 ">11/24

      Thanksgiving Break

      12:00 am

    • 12 ">12/13

      Board Meeting

      6:30 pm

    • 12 ">12/20

      End of Second Nine Weeks

      12:00 am

    • 12 ">12/21

      Holiday Break

      12:00 am

    • 12 ">12/22

      Holiday Break

      12:00 am

    • 12 ">12/25

      Holiday Break

      12:00 am

    • 12 ">12/26

      Holiday Break

      12:00 am

    • 12 ">12/27

      Holiday Break

      12:00 am

    • 12 ">12/28

      Holiday Break

      12:00 am

    • 12 ">12/29

      Holiday Break

      12:00 am


  • 9th

    The date in August for the first day of school of the 2017-2018 school year.

  • 7

    Number of winter sports provided at NCSC

  • 2013

    The year both school buildings were renovated

  • 95.9%

    Current High School Graduation Rate

  • 17.46 : 1

    Jr./Sr. High School Student/Teacher Ratio


"My Hagerstown education prepared me for life."
- Chad Early

Support Staff

"Everyone is positive here, and there is a positive energy."
- Ms. Cardenas

Retired Employee

"Working at NCSC was a great job. I never considered leaving this great school corporation."
- Garry Cornett


"This school is an optimistic and positive environment in which to grow!"
- Andrea Van Meter


"We love to hear former NCSC athletes talk about how athletics shaped them and made them a better person."
- Rhonda Bartlett

Champion of Education

"It was a pleasure to observe the high levels of engagement and student accountability in all of the classrooms."
- Winky Jenkins-Rice

New Family

"My husband and I are in agreement that our son will thrive at Hagerstown High School. We are drawn to this community since meeting so many hometown people and learning more about the school system."
- Laura Lannan


"I met with my advisor here at IU Bloomington and because of HHS dual credit, I can graduate from IU three semesters early."
- Hayley Hollenberg


"Everyone has respect for one another, and the teachers go above and beyond to be sure every student feels important."
- Haley Baker

6th Grader

"Hagerstown Elementary is a very good school. It provides plenty of help."
- Traci Weber