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  • Events on 11/25

    Thanksgiving Break

    8:00 am
    Events on 11/26

    Thanksgiving Break

    8:00 am
    Events on 11/27

    Thanksgiving Break

    8:00 am
    Events on 12/18

    End of 2nd Nine Weeks

    8:00 am
    Events on 12/21

    Holiday Vacation

    8:00 am
    Events on 12/22

    Holiday Vacation

    8:00 am
    Events on 12/23

    Holiday Vacation

    8:00 am


  • $250,000

    Number of scholarship dollars distributed to Senior Class each year

  • 18

    Number of classroom assistants at HES

  • 67

    Number of certified teachers at Nettle Creek School Corporation

  • 6

    The number of new students enrolled at Hagerstown Elementary School recently.

  • 7

    Number of winter sports provided at NCSC

6th Grader

"Hagerstown schools have the sweetest teachers ever!"
- Shay Doerstler

Support Staff

"Everyone is positive here, and there is a positive energy."
- Ms. Cardenas


"Everyone has respect for one another, and the teachers go above and beyond to be sure every student feels important."
- Haley Baker


"Thank you for going beyond accommodation into encouragement for our daughter and her service dog, Charlotte."
- Jeff & Aimee Shafer


"Thanks to HHS, I tested-out of West Point’s French and Spanish programs."
- Nate LaMar

New Family

"My husband and I are in agreement that our son will thrive at Hagerstown High School. We are drawn to this community since meeting so many hometown people and learning more about the school system."
- Laura Lannan

6th Grader

"Hagerstown Elementary is a very good school. It provides plenty of help."
- Traci Weber


"This school is an optimistic and positive environment in which to grow!"
- Andrea Van Meter


"My Hagerstown education prepared me for life."
- Chad Early


"The students and staff members in our building truly represent what it means to be a TEAM!"
- Erin Morgan